Last year, I was “pinged” by 2 different TV stations asking me for an interview about my figure collection and my work as a Designer. I haven’t experienced being interviewed before so this makes it super exciting and scary at the same time. The questions will be asked in real time from both interviewers so there’s no way for me to prepare the answers before the actual date of the interview. I think there’s a 2 day interval from both TV stations when I received the interview request. The first station required me to speak in pure English which kinda makes it a bit complicated compared to the second one which is a mix of English and our own native language.

When I was talking to the interviewer/reporter off-camera, everything is cool and my office’s atmosphere is calm. When they turned on the lights and started the camera rolling, sweat started running through my forehead which made us cut a couple of times since it made my face really “shiny” in front of the camera ^^; This happened on both interviews and we had to pause a few times so that I could wipe the sweat off my face. I also used the adverb “basically” at the start of all my sentences which is kinda weird.

To cut the story short, everything went fine on both interviews. I answered all of their questions without choking and we all ended up laughing. This is one of those first time experiences I will never forget. Anyone here interviewed in live TV before? How was it?

How I Sucked In My First TV Interview (1)
My forehead is starting to get really shiny in this pic :P
How I Sucked In My First TV Interview (2)
GMA is one of the major TV stations here in the Philippines. The cameraman in the background is taking some footage of my next-gen gaming consoles.
How I Sucked In My First TV Interview (3)
I had to clean my entertainment area for the interview.
How I Sucked In My First TV Interview (4)
My workspace before the interview. Everything is neat and tidy :P
How I Sucked In My First TV Interview (5)
The second TV station asked me to use my portable racing cockpit for additional footage. For those curious, this foldable racing cockpit is made by Playseat and is called the “Playseat Challenge”. The wheel set is a Logitech G27. I posted a review about this last year which you can check out here.