I’m not really into social networking and that also means I’m really outdated when it comes to the new social networking sites and tools available today. A few days ago, I’ve been hearing about this “Pinterest” site (yeah yeah, I’m outdated…) which gives you a virtual pin board where you can pin image content.

I’m pretty aware that if you want to have a successful blog traffic, you need to take advantage of the available tools that can boost your site’s visitors. I really don’t care about the “traffic” because my main purpose for this blog is not to have a huge number of visits every month but to share the hobby that I enjoy. The visits will come naturally based on the content I’m posting everyday.

So going back to Pinterest, I visited the site and I told myself, “hmmm… this looks interesting”. To those people who are also outdated like me (lols), Pinterest is basically a site where you can virtually “pin” anything you find in the web. Those pinned content will be displayed on your virtual “pin boards” that you can also categorize.

“Pinned” content will be shared to all of your followers (Twitter). They can also comment and “re-pin” your content similar to Twitter’s “retweet”. I honestly admit that when I started using it, I was hooked. I told myself, “Damn, you don’t need flickr if you have a web application like this”.

You’re pinned content is so nice to look at specially if you have a very well organized pin boards like what I did below.

Otakumouse On Pinterest (3)
All of my figure reviews are on Pinterest.

This is a pretty awesome tool if you want to share something because all of your “pinned” content are so nicely arranged. No nonsense icons that you need to click or tedious process that you need to do, its just the pinned content and you. Comment on it, “re-pin” it, share it. Simple.

Due to the popularity of “pinning” content. I also added a custom “pin it” button on all images posted here on my blog just in case you see something that you like to share. Just hover over any of the images and click the “pin it” button on the lower right of the image.

Otakumouse On Pinterest (1)
You can “pin” the images posted here on my blog by hovering over the image and clicking the “pin it” button on the lower right.

So much for the introduction of Pinterest from an outdated guy like me (lols). Follow me on Pinterest by clicking any of the Pinterest icon on the header and footer of the site or by clicking here. Happy pinning!

UPDATE: You can also click on the Pinterest icon on the sidebar if you want to see all of the “pinnable” content in the post you are reading. :)