Figure review time! Today’s figure review will focus on the very beautiful 1/8th scale figure rendition of Dizzy from figure manufacturer, Alter. Dizzy made her debut in the popular fighting game, Guilty Gear. The figure was originally released on April 2011. The one I got here is the December 2011 re-released version.

This figure is one of my most anticipated figures of 2011. Unfortunately, due to some financial emergencies, I didn’t make it to the preorder deadline. I was really happy when Alter announced that they will re-release the figure and yes, they released it again after roughly 7 months.

We all know the quality of Alter figures and this Dizzy figure right here is no exception. The quality of the figure is just amazing and Dizzy is really lovely to look at. One of my favorite parts of the figure is Dizzy’s somewhat innocent face. (well yeah, because she’s just 3 yrs old! Character bio below.) Alter really did a great job in sculpting and recreating Dizzy’s overall character design. I can say that this is definitely a spot-on figure rendition of her.

Before we jump to the actual review, let’s have a brief introduction of Dizzy as a character in the Guilty Gear game. In our previous review, we talked about the beautiful I-NO (which is also a character of the same game). I-NO is basically one of the bad guys, Dizzy on the other hand, is one of the good guys (correct me if I’m wrong here.). There’s really no solid info about Dizzy’s origins. The only information about her is that she was discovered by and old couple when she was still an infant.

I mentioned earlier that Dizzy was just 3 yrs old. Yes, that is correct. One of the unique characteristics of Dizzy was her accelerated aging. She aged from being an infant to her late teens in just 3 yrs. I’m just really not sure how her aging characteristic works because if she aged like that, she must be a super old hag right now, or worse, she might be already dead. Another signature characteristic of Dizzy is her 2 sentient wings, mainly named Necro (the grim reaper wing) and Undine (the angel wing). She uses these wings to attack and defend alternately.

I think that’s it for Dizzy’s character introduction. Let’s now move on to the actual review of the figure.

Review | Alter: Dizzy (28)
This figure rendition of Dizzy stands 310mm tall. She’s scaled at 1/8 but because of her 2 enormous wings, she looks bigger than the usual 1/8 scale figures.
Review | Alter: Dizzy (27)
This Dizzy figure was originally released back in April 2011. She’s one of the most anticipated figures that year. Unfortunately, I didn’t had the chance to get her on the original release date and I had to wait for roughly 7 months for Alter to re-release the figure.
Review | Alter: Dizzy (26)
The figure is really stable thanks to her heavy wings. Yes,  this figure is heavy so I suggest to handle it with care.
Review | Alter: Dizzy (25)
One of the negative aspects of this figure (for me) is how it eats a lot of shelf space. Her overall width is equal to 3 figures in my display cabinet.
Review | Alter: Dizzy (24)
The overall sculpt of this figure is just incredible.
Review | Alter: Dizzy (23)
I really had a hard time taking pictures of this figure. One reason is because of its width. She’s to wide inside my mini studio.
Review | Alter: Dizzy (22)
I was really lucky that Alter decided to re-release this figure. I hope they make the other characters too!
Review | Alter: Dizzy (21)
I really love Dizzy’s face in this figure. She looks really beautiful with a touch of innocence in her overall expression. Her blue hair and her vivid yellow ribbon further accentuates her facial characteristics.
Review | Alter: Dizzy (20)
Dizzy also looks really sexy in her signature and provocative outfit.
Review | Alter: Dizzy (19)
She’s in her late teens in this figure rendition, but technically, she’s just 3 yrs old. Her body matures at an an accelerated rate because of her “gear cells”. Not really sure how those “gear cells” works though.
Review | Alter: Dizzy (18)
This is not the first Dizzy figure released in the past. Kotobukiya also has their own version but this version by Alter definitely blows it out of the water.
Review | Alter: Dizzy (17)
Alter also did a great job in painting the figure. There are no marks of paint bleeds or uneven color tones in the figure. The small details on the figure are also painted perfectly.
Review | Alter: Dizzy (16)
Dizzy’s legs are somewhat skinny in this figure rendition but it still looks great if you will base it on the figure’s overall proportions.
Review | Alter: Dizzy (15)
Every detail on Dizzy’s outfit was recreated perfectly. One of the things I love in this figure is how vibrant Dizzy is. Her contrasting outfit really makes her skin radiates and her 2 enormous wings make her pop out even more.
Review | Alter: Dizzy (14)
Figure comes with a standard base with Dizzy’s name and Guilty Gear logo printed on it.
Review | Alter: Dizzy (13)
Dizzy’s pose in this figure rendition is somewhat elegant and shows her sensitive side. Dizzy is a strong and powerful character, but in truth, she’s very kind and gentle.
Review | Alter: Dizzy (12)
I really haven’t played Guilty Gear that much but when I first saw the game, Dizzy is one of the characters that caught my attention. Her character design is very unique and Alter did a very good job in recreating her as a 3D figure.
Review | Alter: Dizzy (11)
One of the unique elements of Dizzy’s character design was her pair of wings. She uses her wings in the game to both attack and defend. Her right wing is named “Necro” and symbolizes the “devil” in the popular devil/angel-on-shoulder trope.
Review | Alter: Dizzy (10)
Her left wing named “Undine” symbolizes the “angel” in the popular devil/angel-on-shoulder trope. Both of her wings were sculpted in great detail based on their appearance in the game.
Review | Alter: Dizzy (9)
These 2 wings were the parts of the figure that makes it stable and at the same time, a bit heavy.
Review | Alter: Dizzy (8)
Her 2 wings (Necro and Undine) are refered to as “Systems” in the game. It is also stated that these wings are sentient and often argue with one another (similar to the devil/angel-on-shoulder trope). Aside from these wings, Dizzy also uses her reptilian tail in attacking her foes.
Review | Alter: Dizzy (7)
The overall sculpt of both Necro and Undine and the level of detail applied to them are just incredible. It’s like they’re 2 separate figures altogether.

Below are some final shots to close this figure review.

Review | Alter: Dizzy (6)
Review | Alter: Dizzy
Review | Alter: Dizzy (5)
Review | Alter: Dizzy
Review | Alter: Dizzy (4)
Review | Alter: Dizzy
Review | Alter: Dizzy (3)
Review | Alter: Dizzy
Review | Alter: Dizzy (2)
Review | Alter: Dizzy
Review | Alter: Dizzy (1)
Review | Alter: Dizzy

This figure is a great addition to your figure collection specially if you’re a fan of Dizzy or the game.It is by all means one of the best figure releases of Alter in their entire figure line. The sculpt, paint job, and just the overall rendition of Dizzy from head to toe is the reason you need to get this figure if you have the chance.

The only downside of this figure is the amount of space she needs for you to be able to display her properly. Aside from that, I really can’t see any negative aspects of the figure when it comes to its overall quality. Definitely a must have in your collection!


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