This 1/4 scale resin statue once fully assembled, weighs roughly 30kg and stands at around 75cm tall. It comes in 2 boxes – with the bigger box for the main parts of the statue and the smaller box for Zoro’s optional body with a different facial expression. The figure was initially released in late 2019 and is limited to 400pcs worldwide.

LB Studios Roronoa Zoro Review 1
This statue is huge! I included a pic of my daughter for scale reference later in this post.
LB Studios Roronoa Zoro Review 3
Headsculpt is pretty accurate. Looks exactly like Zoro in the anime/manga.
LB Studios Roronoa Zoro Review 5
I was a bit nervous when putting the base together because of how big it is. It’s very heavy too!

I stopped watching/reading One Piece, so I won’t be able to give you any additional info regarding the inspiration used for this statue. I’m not sure if this is one of Zoro’s abilities or just an original concept by the artists at LB Studios. Still, this is a fantastic rendition of the character and one of the best Zoro statues I’ve seen in a while.

LB Studios Roronoa Zoro Review 7
I took a quick pic of the box with my phone when it arrived. They also delivered LB Studios Sanji, the two large boxes behind (which I’m going to share on a separate post.) Also, in case you’re curious, the one beside it is a “smart” trainer, which you can check out here.

It took me roughly 10-15 mins to fully assemble the entire statue because it doesn’t include a manual.

Unboxing this figure was a bit of a pain due to its size and weight. I had to ask for help just to unpack everything. When I was picking it up outside my office, my neighbors asked me if It’s a new appliance that I ordered online. One of them even asked me, “Is that a washing machine?” because of how big the box is.

It’s so big I had to assemble it outside of my office. It took me roughly 10-15 mins to fully complete the entire statue because it doesn’t include any manual. Luckily, there are some YouTubers online that also reviewed the statue, which I used as a reference/guide.

LB Studios Roronoa Zoro Review 9
Here are all of the statue’s parts. I had to take a picture before I take them all out of the packaging so that I know how to put them back on the box later.

The packaging is very secure. An external brown box protects the statue’s main artwork box. Inside the main box are three layers of styrofoam that contains the different parts of the statue. These were further secured by two sets of velcro straps to keep everything together. With this kind of packaging, I think the statue is safe from damage even when handled poorly by logistics.

The parts of the statue are mostly “snap-on” thanks to the smart use of magnets.

The overall process of assembly is pretty straightforward. The parts of the statue were mostly “snap-on” thanks to the smart use of magnets. Unfortunately, one of the magnets, particularly in Zoro’s upper torso, was loose. I think the quality control forgot to glue the magnet in place.

LB Studios Roronoa Zoro Review 11
The base was the heaviest and the largest part of the entire statue. It makes sense because this is the one that’s going to carry all of the weight.
LB Studios Roronoa Zoro Review 13
The overall paint job of the statue is impressive, which you can clearly see on the base. I particularly like the way they painted the snake, especially the insides of its mouth.

When I was about to connect his upper torso to his lower torso, the loose magnet flew over the other magnet. The force created a big spark, and it was loud too. At first, I thought It damaged the statue. Good thing it was the magnets that broke (the force split it in half), making it unusable. I can still connect the two parts together without the magnets, but it’s now a bit shaky and somewhat less secure. Just check the magnets first before trying to connect any pieces to avoid the same issue I experienced – especially on the torso part because magnets there are quite powerful.

LB Studios Roronoa Zoro Review 15
LB Studios did a great job on the sculpt, details, and skin shading on Zoro’s body.

After putting all of the pieces together, I realized that this is not something you can display anywhere you want. It’s huge and takes a lot of display space. I haven’t unboxed something this big before. The biggest I’ve unboxed in my collection was Hot Toys Hulkbuster figure.

…this is not something you can display anywhere you want.

The completed statue was a sight to behold. With just 400pcs made worldwide, LB Studios made sure that the hard-earned money you paid for it is well worth it. The statue is full of details and screams premium quality. They did not go all in though, and there are some questionable decisions on some parts of the statue.

LB Studios Roronoa Zoro Review 17
Zoro’s upper and lower torso are two separate pieces connected by powerful magnets. Unfortunately, quality control forgot to glue one of the magnets in place. The loose magnet flew towards the other magnet breaking it in half :(
LB Studios Roronoa Zoro Review 19
The main base is divided into two large pieces and a few smaller ones. The smaller ones were mostly extra parts for the hair and the snake’s tongue. All of them use slightly less powerful magnets to connect to the base.
LB Studios Roronoa Zoro Review 21
I was hoping they’d use a transparent resin for the water effects on the base to make it look more organic.

One example is Zoro’s swords. I was surprised because they used plastic instead of metal. It’s quite fragile, honestly. A simple mishandling and you risk breaking the sword in half. Maybe they’re trying to keep the overall weight to a minimum, or they’re saving on production costs. Another one is the water effects on the base. It would be awesome if they used a transparent resin instead. That will really improve the statue’s overall looks.

LB Studios Roronoa Zoro Review 23
All of Zoro’s swords were made out of plastic. I’m not sure why LB Studios didn’t use metal knowing this is an expensive and very limited statue.
LB Studios Roronoa Zoro Review 25
The swords were connected via small magnets found on the sword’s hilt. It’s not as powerul as the one they used for the torso pieces.
LB Studios Roronoa Zoro Review 27
Here’s my 8-month-old daughter for scale reference XD

Overall, this is a must-have if you’re a fan of One Piece (and Zoro). There are a lot of Zoro figures/statues out there, and this is definitely one of the best. The craftsmanship of this statue is excellent, and the paint job is outstanding.

LB Studios Roronoa Zoro Review 29

There are a couple of things I mentioned earlier that are a bit questionable on LB Studios part, but aside from that, everything else looks great. Just make sure you have a dedicated space for this statue to appreciate it fully. And also start making space on your storeroom to keep that huge box :P