Me and my fiance decided to go to our local mall here to buy something to eat for dinner. We are near the exit of the mall when I noticed a book inside the arts & crafts store.

Since we already stopped in front of the store, My fiance decided to go and look inside since she told me she needs those sticky notes for her work. At the same time, I was really thinking of getting some random materials that i think will help me on my figure photography hobby.

I checked the items inside the store and bought the ff:

4 pcs of square shaped styrofoams

a pack of toothpicks


tracing paper

4 pcs of colored paper (really don’t know what it’s called)

Spent roughly $3.

I used those materials to create something like this:

Poor Man's Figure Photography Setup (2)

  Light setup is composed of 1 7 watts (front) and 1 3 watts (top) daylight bulb. I used the tracing paper as a light diffuser. I used Daylight for my White Balance although some of my photog friends told me to just leave it @ auto. (I really don’t like the image if its under auto)

Poor Man's Figure Photography Setup (3)
Poor Man's Figure Photography Setup (4)

  I used the toothpicks to assemble the styrofoams as the platform for my figures. Also used the colored paper as the backgdrop.

And here’s the sample shot using my custom setup.

Poor Man's Figure Photography Setup (5)

  Not bad for $3 eh? :P


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