My personal project aimed at bringing figure photographers together is also now available on iOS, Android, and Windows 8 through Kobo! It means that our community driven project is now visible on all the 3 major platforms and that’s a huge milestone for all of us. Android and Windows 8 users can now start downloading the magazine by first installing the Kobo App on their respective devices. Just search for “Phygure” and it will instantly show you all the currently released issues ready for download. We are also officially available on Apple’s iTunes and iBooks store (Kobo has an app for iOS as well ^^). Once again, thank you for all the talented individuals who supported this project and let’s show the world the beauty of figure photography! Enjoy!

PS: To those people who want to particiate, head over to for submission instructions. And please don’t hesitate to submit, this is not a contest to show who’s the best in figure photography. Everyone will be included ;)

Phygure® Now on Android and Windows 8
Phygure® Now Available on Android and Windows 8