Phygure No.4 ISSUE 02 is Out!

Yey! Finally finished Phygure’s 4th release – ISSUE 02! We have 12 new set of creative and talented figure photographers for you to check out! I also did a lot of design tweaks in the magazine which hopefully you will all like ^^; For those at work: ISSUE02 is now live on our official site. For those with iOS devices: ISSUE02 (high fidelity version) is now live on Apple’s iTunes and iBooks store! For those with Android/Windows8: Kobo is a bit slow in terms of publishing speed. It will mostly be available in a few days ;) For those in the fence thinking of participating in this community driven magazine, now’s your chance since we are now open for ISSUE 03 submissions. Remember, this is not a contest of who’s the best. Phygure® is the way we share our love with toy & figure photography. Enjoy and Spread the word!

Phygure's 4th Magazine Release (ISSUE02) now Live

Phygure’s 4th Magazine Release (ISSUE02) now Live


A custom Reshade build with unlocked shaders for Final Fantasy XIV.


A community-driven online magazine about toy and figure photography.