Phygure No.3 Prime Vol. 01 is Live!

After two successful issues of Phygure® – where we saw some of the best and creative toy and figure photographers around the world, it’s now time for Phygure® Prime Vol. 01. Phygure® Prime is a special edition of the magazine where we showcase the “best of the best” toy and figure photographers who participated in the last two issues. Selected toy and figure photographers will have their own customized section in the magazine and all of their works will be displayed in full page/spread. You can check them out by heading over to Phygure’s official site at Once again, thank you to everyone who participated and see you on Phygure’s 4th release, ISSUE 02.

Phygure® Prime Vol. 01 Is Live!

Phygure® Prime Vol. 01 Is Live!


A custom Reshade build with unlocked shaders for Final Fantasy XIV.


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