UPDATE: (December 11, 2012)

I’m finally done coding the settings page for OtakuPro™ V1.0 (yay!) I’m now going to start sending the source files to those people who are interested (people who commented below). If you encounter any bugs or if you have any questions, just post it in the comments section below.

I also suggest to install the plugin, Regenerate Thumbnails. This will regenerate your post thumbnails based on the custom thumbnail size declared on the theme. Not doing this will give you undesirable results specially on the custom related post section present on the post page.

OtakuPro™ V1.0 Settings Page


OtakuPro V1.0 is finally ready! I’ve been using this design layout for my site Otakumouse for roughly 2 yrs of figure blogging and I’m happy to announce that you can now use and customize this theme in your own blog.

Just a note though that this theme was never intended to be released in public and you need some basic HTML and CSS knowledge to personalize it according to your preferences. Don’t worry though because the theme is very straightforward and I’m happy to assist if you have any questions or feature requests.

OtakuPro™ V1.0 (3)
OtakuPro™ V1.0
OtakuPro™ V1.0 (2)
OtakuPro™ V1.0
OtakuPro™ V1.0 (1)
Alternate Theme Skin

How can I download it? Technically, I can just paste the url of where the theme files are located here in this post but then I realized I need to somewhat “record” the number of users who are interested in the theme. That way I can fully support it while you guys are waiting for the V2.0 framework.

So yeah, how can we get it? Simple, just post a comment below if you’re interested and I’ll email it personally to your email address :) I’m still finalizing the documentation / READ ME so give me at least 24 hrs to reply. Enjoy!


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