UPDATE 01-11-12: I discovered some bugs on the theme switcher in safari. Works perfectly fine on firefox and chrome. Currently fixing the issue.

UPDATE 01-12-12: Issues are now fixed though I changed my approach on changing the themes. The browser needs to refresh the page if you are going to change the theme (for now). This is just a temporary fix while I’m figuring out the best cross browser approach for the theme switching so that the site will still be usable even for safari users.

A lot of my readers (and new visitors) are not a fan of my site’s default “dark” theme. A few of my comrades in the figure industry also asked me if it’s possible to add some kind of a “theme switcher” for those people who wants a cleaner look of my posted content. I listened to their suggestions and added a nifty little button to change the default theme.

You can toggle the theme by clicking the newly added button beside the site’s logo. The selected theme will be applied instantly without reloading the page so that it won’t disrupt your experience inside the site. Your selected theme will be saved as a “cookie” in your computer so that you don’t have to toggle the theme that you want every time you visit the site. This feature I added will be included once I release the OtakuPro theme for FREE to the public. Ill keep adding more improvements to the site and continue optimizing it for better performance.

OtakuPro Light