After a nearly 3 week hiatus, at long last, OtakuPro is ready and I’m back in business! I just finished developing all the core components of this new look and I just can’t wait for it to be tested. It’s still under construction but it’s ready for a public beta. Check it out!

OtakuPro is a custom premium theme for WordPress developed and maintained by Nico Cardenas. It was developed from ground up with figure collectors, photographers, and hobbyists in mind. It was carefully designed to present text and image content in a more balanced and attractive way. It was also designed to keep visitors on your site by giving them something “new” to check on every time they read your posted content. OtakuPro is currently in its BETA phase and improvements/fixes will be implemented regularly. It will be released for FREE to the public after the beta.

OtakuPro Official Logo
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The development of the site is still ongoing. Comments and suggestions are very much appreciated! If you experience some issues or bugs, please don’t hesitate to send me an email: Hope you like the new look!


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