OtakuPro™ “Buy Meter”

I just implemented a new feature for OtakuPro™ V2.0 Theme Framework called, “Buy Meter”. This basically gives figure collectors/readers a rough idea if a certain figure (currently in preview) is worth purchasing or not. The “Buy Meter” rating depends on the author’s judgement/opinion and its sole purpose is to give figure collectors a graphical representation of the figure’s overall quality.

The “Buy Meter” UI controls will automatically appear when the author is writing a “figure preview” or “figure review” post in WordPress admin. The controls will not appear on posts not under the said categories (check this post for example). “Buy Meter” will be included in OtakuPro™ V2.0 once I release it to the public. Stay tuned for more updates!

Note: “Buy Meter” is only implemented on “new” posts in this site. See it in action.

OtakuPro™ "Buy Meter" (2)

OtakuPro™ “Buy Meter”

OtakuPro™ "Buy Meter" (4)

OtakuPro™ “Buy Meter”

OtakuPro™ "Buy Meter" (3)

OtakuPro™ “Buy Meter”


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