Wow, It’s been a while since my last randomness entry > < Super busy with work (which is a good thing) and saving $$$ at the same time in preparation for my next major target in life – A much bigger house for me, my soon to be wife, and of course – my toys and figures :D I’ve been controlling my figure purchases for a couple of months now and I’m proud that I can now control my “impulses” when I see a hard-to-resist figure online. Doesn’t mean I don’t buy figures anymore, It’s just that I’m much more “wiser” now when it comes to my purchases. Will I stop collecting? Hell no! Collecting figures is now a part of my life and it would be really hard for me if i quit “the hobby”.

So yeah, going back – here are some random stuff I wanted to share with you guys today. A couple of months ago, I decided to clean my stock room and found some hobby related stuff in the process. The stuff I found made me smile (and I’m sure you already know why lols). Found my very first manga, some comics, and a couple of old hobby magazines. And yes, I also found my classic Bible Black DVD haha!

Otakumouse Randomness #03 (1)
The legendary Bible Black :D My Mom actually asked me about it. Told her it’s a drama anime…
Otakumouse Randomness #03 (2)
Here’s an old manga featuring different titles in one book. The one you are seeing right here is the classic Fushigi Yugi.
Otakumouse Randomness #03 (3)
Transfomers Armada No. 1 – Since it’s the first issue, does it mean it’s also rare?
Otakumouse Randomness #03 (4)
The comic illustrations on this one are pretty good! The illustration style is like a mixture of Japanese anime and western cartoons. Sadly, this is the first and last Transformers Armada issue I have.
Otakumouse Randomness #03 (5)
Some old hobby magazines I got from my trip in Hong Kong. I don’t understand a single thing lols. I only care about the pictures. That’s Gurren Lagann on the page.
Otakumouse Randomness #03 (6)
More Gurren Lagann. I think it’s a movie or something. Watched the series and I can’t seem to remember any scenes from this page.
Otakumouse Randomness #03 (7)
Figures! (and boobies :P) Still trying to look for a figure magazine subscription that’s not written in Japanese.
Otakumouse Randomness #03 (8)
If I’m not mistaken, this one is called Steam Detectives. Nostalgic…
Otakumouse Randomness #03 (9)
My latest bike in my entire bike collection. You can check it out here if you’re into cycling.
Otakumouse Randomness #03 (10)
My 10 yr old brother recently decided to collect Gundam model kits.
Otakumouse Randomness #03 (11)
I remember when I was that age, it’s really hard for me to get one of these because my parents are earning just enough for our everyday living.
Otakumouse Randomness #03 (12)
I always tell this story to my little brother so that he knows that not every children has the same privilege like he does. I always tell him that he was lucky. I taught him how to appreciate small things.
Otakumouse Randomness #03 (13)
A quick snap of my corner. I just unboxed 2 of my new figures in this pic namely Superman and Spiderman.
Otakumouse Randomness #03 (14)
And here’s my chair that supported me for roughly 6 yrs. I consider it as my lucky charm in all my achievements in life. I hate to see it go but it’s at its limit :P
Otakumouse Randomness #03 (15)
A quick snapshot of my new Spiderman figure and the previous Spiderman(s) before him.