Just recently moved my main work machine away from my “gaming” rig because I felt it affected my overall productivity. My main work machine was originally beside my PC gaming rig and although it has its advantages (like cross-platform testing when building apps), most of my time was spent playing games ^^; Decided to buy an “L” shaped wooden desk and started customizing it based on my own liking. Placed some of my favorite figures near me because they always keep me motivated. Also added a whiteboard on the side that encourages me to stand up and actually write stuff like todos, weekly targets, projects, etc. (good for my health too!)

New Workspace 1
Work desk looking good so far. Less distraction and more motivation to work.
New Workspace 3
Sold most of my pen display in exchange for the new 12.9” iPad Pro.
New Workspace 5
One of my favorite desk figures, Suzuha Amane. She was from an anime series called Steins Gate.
New Workspace 7
Here’s me pretending to work ^^;

So far, the move did improve my productivity since I have no choice but to focus on my deliverables instead of procrastinating by playing games first ^^; It allowed me finish my work early which in turn gives me plenty of time to play after ^^;

PS: If you’re wondering how my workspace was set up before, just look at my signature below this post or by viewing my profile page.