Well, the “friend” in the title is not really a “human” friend but It’s actually my 4 yr old PC that I’ve been using when designing stuff in the past. It’s an HP Pavilion Elite desktop that I tweaked to handle games 4 yrs ago. It currently runs on Intel Core 2 Quad, has 8 gigs of RAM, and has Geforce 9800GX2 installed. Still not that bad in today’s gaming standards I guess.

My Old Friend's Back! (1)
Finished “resurrecting” my old PC. How my office currently looks like, Sunday night.

Reason? Well, me and my fiancé are both working in the design industry and she’s been complaining that her work laptop was already too slow. So to save some cash, I decided to “resurrect” my old machine that has been collecting dust in my other room. Tried playing Crysis 3 and Metro: Last Light and its performance is still not that disappointing.

PS: Owe a lot to this machine. “She’s” basically my main machine when I was just starting in the design industry.

My Old Friend's Back! (2)
My fiancé is really not a hardcore gamer but she do play PC games from time to time. 
My Old Friend's Back! (3)
She told me she will never use this computer if her keyboard is not glowing (like mine) and if the mouse’s brand is not Razer… What?
My Old Friend's Back! (4)
Nope, not Razer (that’s too overkill if it is). She just wants her keyboard to glow like mine.