I originally preordered all infinity war figures months before the actual movie came out. After roughly 9 months after the film, every single character from the movie is now being released one by one by Hot Toys. Just received four of them in the mail a few weeks ago and haven’t displayed them yet. I need to re-arrange some of my old stuff in my collection first as I’m already out of display space.

Infinity War Figures Dropping In! 1
Infinity War Figures Dropping In! 3
Infinity War Figures Dropping In! 5
Infinity War Figures Dropping In! 7

Currently, my favorite of the bunch is none other than Spiderman in his Iron Spider suit. His eyes don’t light up like in the movies but Hot Toys did include the iconic “claws” in his back which I think is pretty awesome. Least favorite? I think it’s gonna be Cap. His figure rendition is not that bad but I think the figure is kinda lacking something.

Plus Ultra!

Next scheduled figure to arrive is gonna be Thanos and I’m super excited!