Last month, the video card of my iMac just died. It basically underwent a video card replacement by ordering a new one directly from Apple. Waited 2 weeks for the part to arrive and was really happy when Apple techs told me that they successfully fixed my iMac. Like any normal consumer, it’s my job to stress test this new video card by doing intensive design and render work. iMac works great for 3 consecutive days without even turning it off. Restarted a couple of times and it boots perfectly – not until I decided to shut it down on its fourth day since I’ll be going out with the family. When I was about to use it again, iMac doesn’t want to boot and my display is just pitch black… Brought it back to the repair center (which is like a 2 hr drive from our place) and they told me that the new video card installed was a “lemon” and “defective”.

No news from them as of yet and will be using my PC in the meantime for all my client work. Sigh….

iMac dead again - Back to Windows (sigh...) (2)
iMac dead again – Back to Windows (sigh…)