Just got HT’s Spiderman and New Goblin both from the Spiderman 3 film. I was so lucky to get both of them because it’s been a month since they were originally released and they’re out of stock everywhere. Good thing I have some retailer friends who always keep extra stocks ;D

You might be asking, why didn’t I preorder these figures. The answer is, I was so busy with work I didn’t even know Hot Toys will be releasing Spiderman 3 figures lols.

Got them both for roughly $400 I think. I’m still lucky when it comes to the price because in Hongkong, a single piece will cost you $280 >.<

Will setup a figure review for both of these figures soon! Enjoy the initial pics for now ;D See ya!

Hot Toys Spiderman & New Goblin Get! (1)
The figure boxes are just outstanding! A very good display piece in my opinion.
Hot Toys Spiderman & New Goblin Get! (2)
Freakin spot on headsculpt of James Franco.
Hot Toys Spiderman & New Goblin Get! (3)
Spiderman is as good as the New Goblin figure. I really can't imagine how Hot Toys did the suit.
Hot Toys Spiderman & New Goblin Get! (4)
Superb team up! Where the heck is Sandman?!