6 month ago, I decided to upgrade my office / room’s audio and just this month, I decided to upgrade my home theater system. It’s not a super audiophile setup but It’s a decent one and it sounds great for my small living room. I’ve decided to go full PSB (B6 Fronts / C5 Center / B5 Surround), a Canadian brand speakers since I kept on hearing good reviews about them and Denon’s 1913 network receiver. I’m still “burning in” my PSB set and I’ve heard I need roughly 50 hours to fully hear its “true” sound. It still sounds awesome even if it’s not fully burned in.

Took some quick snapshots after I fully drilled and wired everything.

Home Theater Upgrades (3)
Doing some minor cable management.
Home Theater Upgrades (4)
PSB B5 Surround. Had to basically drill a hole on the ceiling to avoid any wires on the floor.
Home Theater Upgrades (5)
Loving the yellow / orange color of the woofers. It really “pops” in my all black audio setup. And say “hi” to Iron Monger there.
Home Theater Upgrades (6)
PSB C5 Center.
Home Theater Upgrades (7)
PSB B6 Fronts.
Home Theater Upgrades (9)
Looking nice!
Home Theater Upgrades (10)
My PS3 and 360 gathering dust. Not sure when I’m going to migrate to next-gen either.
Home Theater Upgrades (11)
Finally done! Still needs to clean the wires but I’ll leave it at that for now.
Home Theater Upgrades (12)
Audition time. Iron Man 3 Bluray.