A few days ago, I celebrated my 25th birthday (I’m getting old! T_T). It was a fun celebration with my family and close friends. I also decided to build a new gaming rig as a gift for myself that I’ll use for both gaming and work. The build is just straightforward with no fancy components that you mostly see on hardcore gaming rigs.

The only component that I think is considered “hardcore” is the GPU. I installed a 2GB 256-bit GDDR5 GeForce GTX680 which honestly is freaking expensive! (roughly $650 :/) I also installed 32gigs of G.Skill TridentX memory and an Aerocool Strike X 1100w power supply. Motherboard is a mid-range ASUSP8Z77-V inside a Cooler Master Storm Enforcer ATX casing. All of them runs under an Intel i7 3.40ghz processor . No fancy cooling system here, just the standard fans inside the casing (though I might install one in the future).

I do hope this setup will last and support new games 5 yrs from now. I’ll mostly use it for work (3D & Motion Graphics) since I work on both Mac and Windows environment.

Happy Birthday To Me + New Rig (4)
Ready to assemble!
Happy Birthday To Me + New Rig (3)
I did my best to organize those wires but they still look cluttered lols.
Happy Birthday To Me + New Rig (2)
Ready for a test run!

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