Figures Of May

Preordered figures finally arrived! Figure release dates are usually delayed here in the Philippines. I had to wait for roughly 1-2 months before my preordered figures arrive. A January released figure for example usually gets delivered here at my office at around February or March. Obviously, the main highlight of this post are Orchid Seed’s Ignis of the Endless Winter and Nimbus of the Eternal Night. And don’t forget Hobby Japan’s Leviathan (Envy) of the Seven Deadly Sins. Pretty excited to unbox all of them!

PS: I’m now officially outdated (again) in doing figure reviews > < Figures Of May (1) Figures Of May[/caption]

Figures Of May (2)

Figures Of May

Figures Of May (3)

Figures Of May

Figures Of May (4)

Figures Of May

Figures Of May (5)

Figures Of May

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  1. Bumbayker on Thu, 2013/05/16 at 11:34 PM

    Congrats with your hauls. I also got Ignis about a month ago and Nimbus early this month. My only complaints with them is the dress pieces over the breast fall off easily. And the peg stand for her right foot wasn’t properly designed making it very difficult for the peg on the base to fully fit her right foot. But overall both are very beautiful figures and were well worth it despite those flaws. Kudos to Orchid Seed for delivering such a fine figure despite the 3 year wait.

    • Otakumouse on Fri, 2013/05/17 at 1:02 AM

      @Bumbayker: Thanks Sir and thanks for the headsup! Yeah, I haven’t even unboxed them yet > < but I totally agree with you. These 2 figures are one of the best releases of Orchid Seed this year :)


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