Figure Display Cabs | Complete!

After a long wait, my office renovation is finally complete! All 7 figure cabinets are now installed and all of my figures + the boxed ones are now displayed inside. The cabinets looks good and I love the overall “wood work” though I’m really not that happy with the “glass work”. It’s kinda rough with a couple of scratches here and there because the people in charge didn’t handle it carefully (or should I say, they rushed it to hit the deadline) which kinda sucks. But still, this is so much better compared to my previous office and figure setup since I can just replace the set of glass which I’m not happy with anyways.

Figure Display Cabs | Complete! (1)

6th figure cabinet glass doors installed. You’ll also notice that the wood work is wrapped with a “carbon fiber” texture laminate. To keep things consistent, I was also thinking of adding a “carbon fiber” wrapped “back board” to cover the orange wall.

Figure Display Cabs | Complete! (2)

The 7th figure cabinet on my entertainment / gaming area. All cabinets have adjustable glass shelves for figures with varying heights.

Figure Display Cabs | Complete! (3)

Some of my boxed figures (due to lack of display space) ready to be unboxed.

Figure Display Cabs | Complete! (4)

Testing the shelves out with my 1/6th scale figures.

Figure Display Cabs | Complete! (5)

And here’s the corner where I work. Just finished setting up all of the figures here. I basically place all of my favourite figures near me :)

Figure Display Cabs | Complete! (6)

Snake hiding under the box.

Figure Display Cabs | Complete! (7)

Here’s how my work corner looks like at a different angle. Gotta love those “carbon fiber” texture!

Figure Display Cabs | Complete! (8)

I just mentioned earlier that I place all of my favourite figures near me. It’s a different story if that certain figure is in my desk. It means they’re my most favourite ones, the “elite” ones :P

Figure Display Cabs | Complete! (9)

Just finished unboxing my One Piece “Sailing Again” figures. This is the only One Piece figure series I have since my friends told me it’s one of the best. Patiently waiting for Chopper and Franky to arrive here at the office.

Figure Display Cabs | Complete! (10)

I basically use a Windows PC and a Mac at the same time so that I can play some games whenever I experience the “designer’s block”.

Figure Display Cabs | Complete! (11)

Huge fan of Razer peripherals. You a Razer user?

Figure Display Cabs | Complete! (12)

Decided to place all of my Iron Man figures in front of me.

Figure Display Cabs | Complete! (13)

And here’s how the 6th figure cabinet looks like after setting up all the figures inside.

Figure Display Cabs | Complete! (14)

Some of my new desktop companions :) Alter’s Alvis and Lavie and the super sexy Kanu Unchou (Lying Ver.)

Figure Display Cabs | Complete! (15)

Of course, I want Inori to be near me as well.

Figure Display Cabs | Complete! (16)

I decided to place some of my old figures to my entertainment area. They’re some of my very first figures and they already have some sort of “attachment” to me as a figure collector. Do you dispose your old figures?

Figure Display Cabs | Complete! (17)

Walls are full of holes from my old figure display racks. Will cover it with “putty” and paint it with the same orange color of my wall.

Figure Display Cabs | Complete! (19)

Testing the lighting system on the cabinets. I still think I need to add more lights to illuminate all the figures inside.

Figure Display Cabs | Complete! (20)

Here’s the other cabinets with just the “ambient” lighting activated. Still needs more lights too ><

Figure Display Cabs | Complete! (21)

And here’s the final setup of my work area. I’m pretty happy with the results and I think I can now do an official room tour post sometime in the future :D

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  1. Mark on Thu, 2013/07/11 at 2:40 AM

    Awesome..simply amazing Nico! :)

    • Otakumouse on Thu, 2013/07/11 at 3:11 PM

      @Mark: Thank you sir!

  2. Paul Paulate on Sun, 2013/12/22 at 10:07 AM

    Very nice collection sir! and nice glass cabinets. :) do you mind sharing me the contact details where you got these cabinets? I’m also planning to install glass cabinets for my collection. Thank you very much.

  3. Miki on Fri, 2016/08/19 at 7:56 AM

    I love the design to your room and how your collection was neatly stacked. I’m doing some research of my own, as well as I will be going back home to the Phil. Along with me are uh, a modest amount of anime figurines and mecha. Now I’m trying to figure out how to “neatly” display them once I go back home. Thanks for giving me an idea and perhaps you can tell me where you purchased your custom cabinets? Are they almost dust-resistant? Do tell me how it performed by your expectations. ;-)


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