After 11 years of waiting, the very much anticipated sequel to Blizzard’s legendary RPG is here. Just got my Standard Edition copy on launch date and I’m super excited to play the game and lose my social life in the process. I was an avid fan of the 2nd game and this one will be no different.

Add me up if you want to play. My battle tag is Otakumouse#6443.

On a side note, I also got my very first 3A figure named “Bramble”. It was a gift from a friend which is also an avid 3A collector. His collections are so awesome that I want to take it all back home. Ill be posting his 3A collections sometime this week here in my blog.

Brb, I gotta play some Diablo \m/

Diablo III and 3A Bramble
Diablo III and 3A Bramble

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