Sorry guys if my blog was a bit outdated these past few days. I was so busy doing preparations for my 24th birthday which I celebrated yesterday ^_^. And yeah, I just bought a new 27” iMac as a gift for myself (yey!)

27'' iMac Get! (2)
27” iMac Get!
27'' iMac Get! (4)
27” iMac Get!

I bought the high-end 2011 model and just requested to change the processor to Core i7 instead of Core i5. I tested it on one of my CPU intensive projects and it’s blazing fast! Not to mention its bad ass graphics processor which is the AMD Radeon 6970M. Really excited to transfer all of my files to fully convert this iMac into my new production machine.

My old Windows rig will serve as my backup and gaming machine.

27'' iMac Get! (1)
27” iMac Get!

And yeah, I just noticed that I haven’t really shared any in-depth images of my room/office. Maybe I’ll try to take some pics of my room with my ever growing collection this week. :)

That’s all for now comrades! See ya around!


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