UPDATE: OCTOBER 25, 2013 [note]After a couple of days of intense usage (3 days straight), my iMac, once again, is experiencing video problems. This time, the actual computer is working in the background and I can access my files on the network. I was also able to play music on iTunes via some keyboard shortcuts and it’s working normally. I can hear the volume buttons work too. It’s like the one that’s dead is the display. I don’t have the necessary cables to connect my iMac to an external display so really not sure if it’s the LCD or still the video card that has the problem. Sending it once again to Apple Service Center for re-checking. Sigh….[/note]

Late last month, I posted something about my iMac dying unexpectedly and how to backup your most precious files from a non-booting and dead iMac. After roughly a month on Apple’s official service center, they finally called me yesterday and told me “the” good news that my 27” iMac is already fixed. I posted some updates on my original post and you’ll see there that at first, they told me that they have to replace the logic board of the unit – which we all know costs hundreds of dollars.

I then told them to check the other components first like the HDD or video card (which thankfully they did) before even jumping to the very expensive logic board fix. Fortunately, they found out that my video card is the main culprit and we had to basically order the very same video card (AMD Radeon HD 6970M) from Apple. After replacing the video card, all of the issues I described in my original post are all gone now (i hope). I have roughly 3 months to stress test the new video card to verify if the problems are indeed fixed.

27'' iMac Fixed! (1)
Re-syncing everything back to my iMac.
27'' iMac Fixed! (2)
Cute wallpapers kinda decreases my stress when working – like this very cute Pikachu wallpaper with a somewhat pedo-bear like expression.

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