The 13th Kamen Rider of the Heisei era is here. I personally call it NASA’s Kamen Rider (because it looks like an astronaut lols). Kidding aside, the new Kamen Rider that will replace Kamen Rider 000 is Kamen Rider Fouze. A “rocket” themed Kamen Rider.

Kamen Rider Fouze (2)
Kamen Rider Fouze (3)

According to fellow blogger, Gideon Burogu:

The story is rumored to revolve around a high school boy who had joint a strange occult club that searches for urban legends that existed in the world. One of those urban legends happen to be “KAMEN RIDERs”. The High School Boy’s name is Yuuki Oshida,one of the member of the occult club mentioned earlier. In the search for Kamen Rider’s urban legend, the characters also found something related to it, the Rider Switches(obviously it’s one of Fourze/Fouze’s main arsenal). The Urban legends will involved some previous riders and there’s a chance that previous riders will had a cameo in it.

Fourze/Fouze’s belt was given by the protagonist’s teacher, he is rumored to be a Kamen Rider too. Another rider that look like Fourze/Fouze is known as Metamoru is said to be a complete version of Fouze/Fourze’s system. Metamoru can switch all of his body parts whereas Fourze/Fouze only can change his arm and leg parts. It is said that both Metamoru and Fourze/Fouze will appear in OOO’s summer Movie. Both Metamoru and Fourze/Fouze’s names seems to be a pun from the word “Metamorphose”.

Can’t wait to see the “Henshin” sequence of this new Kamen Rider. I also hope the story’s good.