I know my decision is a bit late in getting Hot Toys figures (specially for the Ironman line), but yeah, it will start with this freakin awesome Ironman Mark V figure. Actually, preorder for this figure is already closed, but the owner of Maxi Collector is very kind enough to include me in the list :D (Thanks Maxi Collector!)

So I’ll be waiting for this figure to arrive September this year. \m/ I just hope I can still get my hands on some of the previous releases like the Mark VI or even Warmachine. I don’t have to worry too much though since Ironman is a trilogy in the making and I’m sure Hot Toys will not let it pass.

Will create an in-depth photo review of the figure once it arrives.

Ironman Mark V (1)
Ironman Mark V (2)
Ironman Mark V (3)
Ironman Mark V (4)
Ironman Mark V (6)

About Maxi Collector

Maxi Collector

Maxi Collector is one of the so called “elite” hobby stores here in the Philippines. They officially distribute a wide range of toys ranging from anime figures to full scale statues. They’re also the exclusive distributor of popular toy/figure manufacturers like Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectibles.

Can’t find that exclusive limited edition figure/statue? Head over to their site and check their “Rare Finds” section. That section is where hard to find and exclusive figures/statues are posted. Who knows, maybe what you’re looking for is hiding somewhere on that page.

And yeah, they also ship internationally.

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