Setting Up OtakuPro V2 – Quick and Dirty

Hi Guys! Again sorry for the delay > < Here’s the article I promised on how to setup OtakuPro V2. I assume you guys already have WordPress installed but just in case it’s your first time blogging, I advice you to read WordPress’ official article on how to setup the platform.

I haven’t sent the official files yet since It’s useless if you’re not familiar with WordPress or how to setup WordPress themes. This article will help you get up to speed in using OtakuPro V2. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can visit this post about the public release of OtakuPro V2. You can also check OtakuPro V3 here.

This article is what I call the “Quick and Dirty” version since I’ll mostly tell you how to download the files and activate OtakuPro V2. I will be creating another article talking about some of the more advanced features like creating your own pages, setting up “custom fields”, and overriding the master stylesheet of OtakuPro V2 to create your own look.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

Downloading OtakuPro V2 Files When you download the files, you’ll receive a folder called “otakupro-v2”. Inside that folder you’ll see 2 more folders called “theme” and “plugins”. OtakuPro doesn’t heavily rely on plugins and most of the main features are built right in. It only uses a total 2 plugins to make it work.

Setting Up OtakuPro V2 - Quick and Dirty (1)

Root of the otakupro-v2 folder.

Clicking on the “plugins” folder, you will see the 2 plugins I mentioned earlier. One plugin is used to create “custom fields” much easier (which I’ll talk about in another article) and the other one is a plugin for accurately displaying “related posts”. Related posts feature is also built right into OtakuPro V2. I just thought it would be much easier for you guys (specially the non-techy ones) if it’ll just be a plugin for easier setup customization.

Setting Up OtakuPro V2 - Quick and Dirty (2)

Inside the plugins folder.

Clicking on the “themes” folder, you will see the main OtakuPro V2 files. This is the main theme file that we are going to activate inside WordPress.

Setting Up OtakuPro V2 - Quick and Dirty (3)

Inside the theme folder.

Setting Up OtakuPro V2 Inside WordPress Now that we have all the files needed. It’s now time for us to use these files and activate them inside WordPress. In your WordPress installation located in your server, find the folder named “wp-content”. This is the folder where we paste the plugins and theme files we downloaded earlier.

Setting Up OtakuPro V2 - Quick and Dirty (4)

The wp-content folder holds all your theme files and plugins used by WordPress.

Clicking on the “wp-content” folder, you will see a bunch of folders. It’s pretty self explanatory. We paste the OtakuPro V2 theme files inside the “themes” folder and we paste the 2 plugins I mentioned above inside the “plugins” folder. If you’re kinda lost, just copy the folder named “otakuprov2-public” inside the “themes” folder you downloaded earlier and paste it inside the “themes” folder located inside the “wp-content” folder of your WordPress installation. Similarly, just copy the 2 plugin folders named “advanced-custom-fields” and “yet-another-related-posts-plugin” and paste it inside the “plugins” folder located inside “wp-content” folder of your WordPress installation.

Setting Up OtakuPro V2 - Quick and Dirty (5)

You only need to paste the files you downloaded earlier in the correct folders. Obviously, the main theme files will go inside the “themes” folder.

Setting Up OtakuPro V2 - Quick and Dirty (6)

The 2 plugins included in OtakuPro V2 will go inside the “plugins” folder inside WordPress’ “wp-content” folder.

Activating OtakuPro V2 Now that we all have the files in their proper places, it’s time for us to activate OtakuPro V2. Head over your WordPress dashboard and click on “Appearance > Themes”.

Setting Up OtakuPro V2 - Quick and Dirty (7)

The “Appearance” section is where WordPress controls all of it’s front-end components, including themes.

Once inside, you will instantly see the OtakuPro V2 theme ready to be activated. If for some reason you can’t see it, just look for the name “OtakuPro V2 – PUBLIC”, hover over the theme thumbnail and click the “Activate” button to activate it.

Setting Up OtakuPro V2 - Quick and Dirty (8)

The “Themes” section under “Appearance” is the location of all the themes you installed for WordPress.

A small dialog box will then appear saying that you successfully activated  your theme \m/

Setting Up OtakuPro V2 - Quick and Dirty (9)

Yay! Enjoy using OtakuPro V2!

Nope, we’re not done yet. There’s still one last step we need to do to make OtakuPro V2 and all of it’s features work properly. If you try to preview your site right now, you will receive some errors. OtakuPro V2 heavily relies on WordPress “custom fields”. I’ll talk about it in another article but basically, it lets you add and display any type of data or information in your site. If you check this figure preview post and look for the “figure info” section on the sidebar – that’s an example of a “custom fields”.

Activating Plugins We pasted the 2 needed plugins in the proper folder earlier in this article. As a refresher, we pasted the contents of the “plugins” folder from the “otakupro-v2” files you downloaded and pasted it inside “wp-content/plugins” folder of your WordPress installation. Click on the “Plugins” link in the WordPress menu and you will instantly see the plugins we pasted earlier. Just click the “Activate” button and you’re all set!

Setting Up OtakuPro V2 – Quick and Dirty

It’s now just a matter of activating the necessary plugins to make OtakuPro V2 work.

I guess that’s about it! Please let me know if there are any issues while you’re setting up OtakuPro V2. Like what I’m always saying, OtakuPro V2 is just a personal project of mine and is also based on my personal preferences. You can tweak any aspects of it or use the source files as a starting point and make it your own -I really don’t care and I’m happy to share my work :P My codes are fully documented so people with background in HTML5, CSS3, and PHP will know what is it for. I hope you find this article helpful and if you’re still lost, don’t hesitate to ask on the comments section below  and I’ll reply as soon as I can.

You can request the source files of OtakuPro V2 here.
Check out the latest OtakuPro here.
And if you’re looking for OtakuPro V1, just request it here.

Join the conversation - 12 Comments

  1. Yaya on Mon, 2014/05/26 at 6:23 PM

    Thanks Otakumouse for taking the time setting up this article.

    • Otakumouse on Mon, 2014/06/02 at 2:11 PM

      No problem at all! \m/

  2. Lee on Wed, 2014/06/11 at 4:13 PM

    Hi there,

    Can you please send me another copy of Otakupro-V2?


  3. Yaya on Wed, 2015/04/01 at 5:40 AM

    Hello there Otakumouse.

    I know you are a busy person and sorry for taking time from you ,but I just want to let you know that the theme is not working properly with the lastest version of WP, or even with the previous versions of WP.

    Here’s the result I get:

    I believe the problem is with the CSS (SASS?) and the ACF plugin (the xml file does not improt all fields).

    I posted this comment because I really wanted to use the theme, you did a great job with it.

    Thank you Otakumouse and sorry for any inconviniences.

    • Otakumouse on Wed, 2015/04/01 at 6:30 AM

      Hi Yaya! It’s ok! no worries!

      I guess it’s a problem with the ACF not importing properly. Can you try to install the latest version of ACF? I’ll try to export the fields again and attach the updated XML here :) Then try to import again ;)

  4. Yaya on Wed, 2015/04/01 at 6:44 AM

    Hi Otakumouse, thanks for your reply.

    Alright, done. My ACF is up-to-date.

  5. Otakumouse on Fri, 2015/04/24 at 12:50 PM

    Hi Guys, you can download the updated V2 source from here:

    Shout out to Yaya for letting me know about some bugs.

    EDIT: Please make sure you have Advanced Custom Fields installed. Let me know if there are any issues with the files :)

    • Marco on Sat, 2018/02/24 at 6:56 PM

      Hi buddy, i dont know if you are still acitv (i hope you are) but i have the same bug as Yaya had. maybe you can help me out ? I would be more than happy ^^

  6. Otakumouse on Sat, 2018/04/14 at 9:58 PM

    Hi Marco!

    Sorry for the super late reply! For your issue, you just need to install the latest ACF plugin and import the ACF xml that you can download here:

    I’m not sure if you still want to use V2 as I’ll be sharing the V3 one (the one I’m using right now). I’ve been super busy the past year and I just updated V3 just last month ^^; I’ll be actively posting on my blog from now on so don’t hesitate to contact me ^^


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