The super attractive and vibrant 1/7th scale I-NO figure is now up for review! I was hunting for this figure for years and it’s considered as a rare “gem” by figure collectors. Luckily, I managed to get her in MISB condition late last month w/ Yamato’s Poison figure (review here). Despite the figure’s age, It’s still one of the best figures ever created.

I-NO was released 5 years ago by Max Factory and was sculpted by the famous Mitsumasa Yoshizawa (REFLECT). There are rumors that GSC (Good Smile Company) opened a poll with a list of figures released in the past and it’s rumored that I-NO was included in that list. The figure with the most votes will have a re-release treatment.

As with any other figure reviews I did in the past, let’s first have a mini introduction of I-NO as a character. If you are an avid fan of the game Guilty Gear, I’m pretty sure you are familiar with I-NO. She made her first appearance in Guilty Gear’s third installment, Guilty Gear XX.

I-NO is one of the most attractive characters in the game. But don’t make her looks deceive you, she’s one of the game’s main antagonist (actually, she’s one of the boss characters). She’s often described as a cold, sadistic, and very manipulative.

One of the unique parts of I-NO’s character design was her “witch” hat and her electric guitar. Her witch hat resembles a “skull” face and is somewhat animate though there are no solid information about its origins. Her electric guitar was the exact same model used by Japanese musician, Shiina Ringo and is speculated to be the reference of I-NO’s overall character design.

With the intro out of the way, let’s now jump to our main review.

Review | Max Factory: I-NO (32)
I-NO was released by Max Factory in 2008 (roughly 4 years ago).
Review | Max Factory: I-NO (31)
She has a scale of 1/7 and is roughly 10 inches tall.
Review | Max Factory: I-NO (30)
The high quality production values is really evident on this figure. Despite being released in 2008, it is still one of the best figure renditions I’ve seen so far.
Review | Max Factory: I-NO (29)
Up to now, Max Factory never cease to amaze me when it comes to their figure renditions. The quality of this figure is still on par with figures released today.
Review | Max Factory: I-NO (28)
The overall sculpt of this figure is just amazing. The folds and creases of I-NO’s dress looks natural and alive.
Review | Max Factory: I-NO (27)
Every single detail on I-NO’s dress was rendered perfectly. It’s like getting I-NO out of the video game.
Review | Max Factory: I-NO (26)
This figure rendition of I-NO is really sexy. Her pose + her revealing dress makes her even more sexier.
Review | Max Factory: I-NO (25)
You’ll notice that the style of this figure rendition of I-NO is somewhat familiar (similar to Tony Taka characters) and it’s because it was sculpted by the great Mitsumasa Yoshizawa (REFLECT).
Review | Max Factory: I-NO (24)
I’m a big fan of Mitsumasa Yoshizawa’s works. I’m still in the hunt for his other figures released in the past. As of now, I have a total of 5 REFLECT figures. Poison, Asuka, and Kiriko are one of them.
Review | Max Factory: I-NO (23)
This figure rendition of I-NO is considered nowadays as a rare “gem” for figure collectors. You are considered very lucky if you happen to acquire this figure in MISB condition with a standard retail price (like me lols).
Review | Max Factory: I-NO (22)
This figure has an insane price tag in online hobby stores that still have her. My advice is to try this “figure hunt” service (link at the bottom of this post) I posted a few weeks ago (this is how i got I-NO btw) or if time is not a factor, wait for it to be re-released.
Review | Max Factory: I-NO (21)
The paint job of this figure is really vibrant and glossy. And yeah, I love glossy figures!!!
Review | Max Factory: I-NO (20)
The vibrant red color of her dress really accentuates I-NO’s skin tones. The details on her outfit are also top notch. And yeah, I really love her boots!
Review | Max Factory: I-NO (19)
It is said that I-NO’s character design was strongly influenced by the Japanese musician named, Shiina Ringo. It is said that I-NO’s guitar model, mole placement, height, hairstyle, and even her birthday is the same with the said musician.
Review | Max Factory: I-NO (18)
It is also speculated that I-NO’s name was derived from the name of Brian Eno, a musician/songwriter famous for working with Glam Rock stars like David Bowie.
Review | Max Factory: I-NO (17)
I-NO’s guitar is also well detailed with fully rendered six strings.
Review | Max Factory: I-NO (16)
I’m just not sure on the exact model of her guitar. A Gibson maybe? Because it looks like a Gibson to me.
Review | Max Factory: I-NO (15)
Her guitar is actually her main weapon in the game and according to her profile, she usually insults her opponents by using musical references as double entendres.
Review | Max Factory: I-NO (14)
The character design of I-NO never gets old.
Review | Max Factory: I-NO (13)
Ohhhhhh! One of my favorite shot in this review.
Review | Max Factory: I-NO (12)
I-NO’s sexy curves is one of the strong points of this figure.
Review | Max Factory: I-NO (11)
Max Factory did an awesome job in sculpting I-NO’s body. From her shoulder blades up to her sexy backside, she looks incredibly hot in this figure.
Review | Max Factory: I-NO (10)
While writing this review, I’m also searching for some negative aspects of this figure. But honestly, I really can’t find any.
Review | Max Factory: I-NO (9)
The figure looks great on any angle. A trait of high quality figures.
Review | Max Factory: I-NO (8)
I’m not saying that this figure is 100% perfect. It’s just that this figure rendition of I-NO suits my taste as a figure collector. Not too ecchi, doesn’t have an oversized breasts, high quality sculpt, and a glossy paint job!
Review | Max Factory: I-NO (7)
I just can’t get enough of I-NO’s backside. Ngnhhhhh!
Review | Max Factory: I-NO (6)
The base is a standard metal textured plastic that matches I-NO’s character theme.
Review | Max Factory: I-NO (5)
I’m a big fan of naturally sized breasts which makes I-NO’s proportions more human like.
Review | Max Factory: I-NO (4)
And here’s a last look at I-NO’s gorgeous body.
Review | Max Factory: I-NO (3)
Guilty Gear XX: I-NO

Whew, another figure review done! I hope you enjoyed this figure review as much as I do. My apologies if my grammar is a bit “off” sometimes but rest assured I’m trying my best to improve my writing :P

I have no regrets in purchasing this I-NO figure. The figure looks great in all aspects. The sculpt is top notch, the vibrant paint job is awesome, and I-NO looks really sexy and attractive in this rendition. I tried my best to look for any negative parts of the figure but unfortunately, I just can’t find any. This is a must have figure for any veteran figure collectors.

Thanks guys and I’ll see you on our next figure review!

PS: If you’re also hunting for this figure, try using the “figure hunt” service that I previously mentioned in this review. It’s free, you just have to be patient. ;) And yeah, if it’s ok with you, a hit to the like button below will be so much appreciated!


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