OtakuPro V3 80% Complete!

Ok, I know most of you are already pissed of because it took me a year to even release OtakuPro V2 and now here I am announcing V3. But I do understand you guys and I’m really sorry for the delayed updates. Been collaborating with comrade Danny Choo for quite some time now and I really can’t find the time to finalize V2. I did work on it bit by bit and I can say it’s now ready for public use. The only thing remaining to finalize is V2’s customization page for non-technical people who are not familiar with programming languages like PHP, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. So for those people – I need your patience.

OtakuPro V3 80% Complete! (3)

OtakuPro V3 80% Complete!

But for those who knows a bit of web programming, I’ll be releasing V2 once I launched V3 which is already 80% complete. I’ll let you tinker around with the source files and tweak it to your own liking. Started working on V3 last Christmas vacation and it’s looking great so far! And yes V3 will also be released for FREE but this time, I will not make any promises when it comes to its release date – but yes, it will still be released for public use. Stay tuned!

OtakuPro V3 80% Complete! (4)

OtakuPro V3 80% Complete!

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  1. Ryuki on Mon, 2014/06/02 at 6:30 AM

    Can I get a Theme OtakuPro V3, I really like this theme for my community

    Hajimemashite senpai .. >,<


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