Otakumouse Randomness #01

Just realized that it would be great if I can also post some of my daily activities and experiences here on my blog (aside from the usual figure news and loot reports). Some of you might not even care about this “personal” posts of mine but I’m still hoping someone can find it useful in the future ^^

That’s me working non-stop. Been super busy for the past month (which is a good btw) with all these design and development projects in my plate. Been working mostly on development projects and not so much design which is kinda stressful sometimes.

Otakumouse Randomness #01 (1)

My current setup consists of a PC on the left and MAC on the right. I need it for cross platform testing purposes and PC gaming (to preserve my sanity).

Decided to purchase the PS4 a few months ago and I’m loving the new user interface. Personally love this profile page which shows all your trophies, friend activities and more. The PSN is basically wired to my Facebook account that’s why my profile pic is the same.

Otakumouse Randomness #01 (2)

Not so much games on the PS4 right now but will still keep you busy with some of it’s PS PLUS free exclusives and movie apps.

Just realized Netflix also has some great anime titles stored in their library (and updated weekly). Tried watching Attack on Titan and It’s in 720p and Dolby Digital 5.1.  Awesome!

Otakumouse Randomness #01 (3)

Netflix is basically a US ONLY service. But with the help of a paid VPN (Virtual Private Network), I can watch all of my favorite shows here in the Philippines.

Super fan of Razer hardware. Took this quick snapshot of my current “arsenal” in gaming. They’re pretty expensive but they work and perform really well specially in games. Also, they’re designed to make your workspace look like they’re from the future :P

Otakumouse Randomness #01 (4)

Left, Right, Bottom: Razer Tiamat 7.1 headphones, Razer Ouroboros Gaming Mouse, and Razer Black Widow Ultimate.

Did some minor figure cleaning and re-arranging the past week. Took a quick snap of this gorgeous figure of Ignis (Endless Winter). Super excited to make a review of her once I find the time. I also have the black version dubbed as Ignis “Nimbus of the Eternal Night” which also looks great.

Otakumouse Randomness #01 (5)

This figure is totally cast-offable, meaning you can take of all of her clothes :3

Finally managed to unbox Good Smile Company’s Insane Black Rock Shooter. This figure is just amazing to look at. It’s so dynamic and the diorama type base makes it even better! I own all of GSC’s BRS figures and this figure has been a great addition to my BRS collection. Now, is any of you wondering why they still haven’t created Chariot? They only released that character as a figma.

Otakumouse Randomness #01 (6)

Like my other BRS figures – this one is a “puzzle” to assemble. It’s kinda tricky at first and kinda scary at the same time that you might break something in the process.

Here’s my 6th figure cab taken while dusting off some of my figures. Also did some space management to fit more figures inside.

Otakumouse Randomness #01 (7)

This cab is mostly occupied by my only One Piece figure collection (Sailing Again). I’m really not a hardcore fan of the series but I really like character designs (specially the villains).

Also received Kotobukiya’s Youko Kurama which basically completes my Yu Yu Hakusho collection. Figure looks awesome and really spot on with the Youko Kurama in the anime. Hoping that Kotobukiya also releases the other Yu Yu Hakusho characters in the future.

Otakumouse Randomness #01 (8)

Was surprised with the size of Youko Kurama when I saw it out of the box. It seems that this is the accurate size difference of his normal vs demon form since you won’t really notice it in the anime.

Transferred all of my 1/6 Hot Toys figure to my work corner. Hot Toys figures are typically bigger compared to my anime figure statues but they’re usually much easier to display since their base dimensions are universal. It means that you can fit a LOT of Hot Toys figures in a single cab like what I did here. On the other hand, anime figure statues have varying base dimensions (depending on the figure’s presentation) which makes them very problematic to display – and they usually eat a LOT of space > <

Otakumouse Randomness #01 (9)

 Hot Toys are pricey figures but the price you pay are totally worth it!

“Dusted” some of my favorite beauties. This INO figure is very old already but you can see that it still competes with some of the new figures released today. She’s one of my favorite figures in my entire collection. You can check out my old review of her in the figure reviews section of the site.

Otakumouse Randomness #01 (10)

Looks good as new!

And that’s a quick snap of me after my 50km cycling :P You can check the in-depth shots of “that” bike here. You can also check my whole bike collection in this old post.

Otakumouse Randomness #01 (11)

Since my job requires me to mostly sit in front of my computer, I need to basically work out and burn those calories. We all know that sitting for long periods of time is bad for the health so working out kinda lessens its negative effects in my body.


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