I started posting my figure collection a few years ago but haven’t had the chance to post my actual room/office where all my figures are displayed. I was planning to take pictures of my room/office with all the lights on but I decided to show you the usual look of my room/office when I’m working. I’m a fan of working in the dark btw.

I work as an Interactive Designer for 6 yrs now and I started venturing the design industry when I was 18 yrs old (I’m 23 now). I started as a freelance designer doing design and web then I got involved in applications development. It continued until now though I still prefer doing pure design work. (more of me on the “About” section of the site).

My work is a dream come true though there are times when it gets really boring and stressful. These figures we (collectors) collect not only helps me lessen the stress of work, It also helps me stay motivated and get my design juices flowing.

Like what I’ve said earlier, I’m really a fan of working in the dark lols. The figures I have are not really focused in the upcoming images though I’m sure most of you will know who they are even if they’re just silhouettes. I’ll create another post showing my entire figure collection in broad daylight next time!

My Office By Day (16)
Here's a general look of my workspace. Since I also do applications development, I need to have both Windows and Mac OSX for cross platform testing.
My Office By Day (17)
My Windows machine is designed for PC gaming, motion graphics/vfx, and 3D rendering. Pictured is my favorite programming keyboard because of its "tikititak" sound while typing lols. The Razer Black Widow Ultimate and Razer Lachesis.
My Office By Day (15)
I usually use 1 computer at a time but if it requires me to do some crazy multi tasking like cross platform testing, these 2 computers are always on. Another instance is when I'm playing Starcraft and working at the same time!
My Office By Day (14)
I really love my glass computer table and will not replace it anytime soon. The table design is so minimalistic and modern looking at the same time. Some of the Hot Toys figures I have are displayed between my 2 monitors.
My Office By Day (13)
I both have an iOS and Android tablets, again, for work purposes. Pictured here is a 10.1 Samsung Galaxy Tab running a custom ROM of Ice Cream Sandwich. (Ice Cream Sandwich is not yet released btw.) If you want to have custom ROMS on your Android device, you must ROOT them first. Maybe I'll post a topic regarding rooting your Android device in the future.
My Office By Day (12)
Most of the figures I really like are displayed on what I call my "main figure rack". Can you spot the figures displayed?
My Office By Day (11)
My iMac is mostly used for PURE DESIGN work. It's because Apple monitors are so perfectly calibrated when it comes to colors and a well calibrated monitor is a YES YES for design work. 3rd party monitors (like Samsung) for PC's are getting better and better but still, Macs are best suited for this kind of work.
My Office By Day (10)
I use a Wacom Intuos for my illustration work. And yes, when I'm not using it, Tamaki is always there in front to comfort me.
My Office By Day (9)
My figures are really not that obvious in these shots. I'll try to make another tour of my room with the lights on.
My Office By Day (8)
Many told me that working in the dark is bad for my eyes. Though I'm using a pair of multi coated glasses whenever I work in front my my computer(s).
My Office By Day (7)
The K-ON! band is here to entertain me always.
My Office By Day (6)
And the complete set of BRS animated version figures. I wonder if Good Smile Company will continue to create this types of BRS scale figures?
My Office By Day (5)
My Macbook Pro is my backup computer whenever I go outside. I also use this if I want to work while lying down or if I'm too lazy to sit in front of my computer. Work files are networked so using different computers to continue a specific work is seamless.
My Office By Day (4)
Designers often times experience what we call the "DESIGNER'S BLOCK". It means that we are experiencing difficulty in generating a good design or idea that we need to use in a certain project. This is where video games plays there part. I usually play games on XBOX or PS3 to basically reboot the right side of my brain.
My Office By Day (3)
I usually don't go outside my room/office during the weekdays because of work though I work out daily for 30 mins.
My Office By Day (2)
I'm really out of racks. Most of my figures are displayed together in groups in a single rack. I really need to drill some more racks so that I can appreciate them more.

So that’s it for now guys! Hope you enjoyed my mini “lights-off” tour of my room/office and how I usually work. I’ll post another entry showcasing my collection and other room/work stuff in the future! Happy Fridays!


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