Figure collecting is both fun and exciting! Seeing your collection grow over the years is one of the best experience that you can get from this hobby. But what happens when it’s time for you to clean your 100+ figures? Welcome to the figure dusting club!

It’s been months since I last cleaned all of my figures and now with the availability of Best house cleaning services Toronto, my cleaning work was completed in no time. The accumulated dust on my figures was so overwhelming it took me 2 days to clean all of them (including the display racks). I have to be honest, yes, figure collecting is a great hobby and it’s super addicting, but when it comes to cleaning, my laziness always kicks off. That’s why it is better to go for the Window Cleaning in Austin TX for professional cleaning of our house.

Seriously, cleaning your figure collection (specially if you have lots of them) is no joke. These figures that we have are quite expensive and they really need a dedicated time for maintenance. Failure to do this might affect your precious investments with the likes of figure bending, dirt smudges, and discoloration.

I myself have a couple of figures that shows signs of deterioration, though they are the cheap ones. I also discovered that figures created by GSC / Max Factory and Alter are pretty durable. My 4yr old Kasumi C2 is still in good condition. I’m not that happy with Griffon though, my Super Sonico Valentine Ver. already started to show signs of bending T_T. My other old Griffon figures also have this melting paint issue. Not really sure what material are they using knowing that their figure is one of the most expensive out there. I’m now thinking to just focus on Alter and GSC because of there high quality figures (both materials and sculpt) plus their figure lifespan.

And yeah, forgot to mention about my Kotobukiya figures. Looks like they’re also using high quality materials for their figures. Didn’t saw any signs of deterioration on my old Kotobukiya figs.

Below are a couple of quick shots I’ve taken while cleaning all of my figures.

Figure Dusting Club (1)
My figure dusting table. I use the black part of the table so that I can see all of the dust accumulated by my figures.
Figure Dusting Club (2)
Poor Asuka..
Figure Dusting Club (3)
My room is a tightly closed space and the windows are always closed because of my air conditioning. I still don’t understand where these dust are coming from.
Figure Dusting Club (4)
Figure dusting is not always bad… depending on the figure you’re dusting.
Figure Dusting Club (5)
Figure collector’s nightmare…T_T
Figure Dusting Club (6)
I use this cosmetic brush in dusting off my figures. Works pretty well.
Figure Dusting Club (7)
Day 2, second set of my figures that needs dusting.
Figure Dusting Club (8)
Figure Dusting Club
Figure Dusting Club (9)
Figure Dusting Club
Figure Dusting Club (10)
Figure Dusting Club
Figure Dusting Club (13)
Figure Dusting Club
Figure Dusting Club (14)
Figure Dusting Club
Figure Dusting Club (15)
Figure Dusting Club
Figure Dusting Club (16)
Hot Toys figures next!
Figure Dusting Club (17)
Mistress assisting me in my dusting adventure.

See you on our next figure cleaning session! How often do you clean your figures?


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