My workplace/room is basically a reflection of my achievements in life. Back in 2005, I really don’t have any hobbies because number 1, I don’t have enough money to even start a hobby, and number 2, even if I have the money, Ill just use it to help my family instead of spending it for myself. So how did I start figure collecting?

Well, the hobby didn’t start automatically. Back in 2005 (I was 18 yrs old), I just landed my very first job. My job was to develop educational games for kids. It was the job that basically gave me an idea when it comes to this type of hobby. How? Back then, the table of my office mates were full of figures and toys and the only table without one is my own table. That sucks right? And what sucks more is I was just a fresh grad back then and my salary is not that enough to even start this hobby :/

I didn’t get any degree in my studies, I studied computers for 2 years just to back up my only gift, which is drawing, with the necessary technology that I need so that I can compete in the real world. I also studied the basics of programming in the process. It’s also my own choice to just study for 2 years so that my parents can save the money. A degree in college is just a piece of paper. Your future/career still depends on your hard work not on your college degree.

Below is my very first computer (lols) at our family rented apartment. My salary is not that enough back then to buy a decent one. I owe a lot of my achievements to this machine.

Evolution Of My Room (17)
A 17” CRT monitor and a Celeron processor. This machine is a BEAST! Don’t forget the 4:3 laptop! (lols)

I told myself, “this isn’t going to work”. If I want to even start collecting figures, I need extra cash! An extra income separate from my main income that I use to help my parents financially.

I then started doing freelance work. I self studied some technologies available at that time that can help me in selling myself as a designer online. My freelancing really helped me kick start my entire career. Not only I learned new stuff along the way, I also didn’t realize my exposure online increased because of my work. This exposure helped me build a name for myself and new clients are coming to me automatically (mostly through referrals).

I finally did manage to get myself a new Computer after roughly 1 year! Yay!

Evolution Of My Room (16)
Finally managed to buy myself a new and much more powerful machine for work! I also managed to buy a PS3!

My freelancing continued as well as my non-stop self studying. The hard work created industry friends and it also helped me land my dream job. You can never succeed alone so treasure those people that contributed to where you are today. I was able to save because of my freelancing + my full time job and at age 21, I finally managed to get a house for my parents that we can call our own.

My collection grew steadily over the years and my room/workplace evolved at the same time. I took different pictures of my room through the years because they’re like my “mementos” reminding me of how I started before and where I am today. I don’t consider myself as a successful person, I still have a long way to go to even consider myself as a success. But where I am today is definitely better than before.

Evolution Of My Room (15)
Yes, there’s only one PS3 back then and that’s the FAT one.
Evolution Of My Room (14)
The very first guitar hero set for the PS3.
Evolution Of My Room (13)
This is the time where HD monitors are NEW and at its peak.
Evolution Of My Room (12)
Just look at those old figures. And yes, they’re still here.
Evolution Of My Room (11)
My room back then was soooo small. I mean, seriously, 3 people inside my room will have a hard time moving around.
Evolution Of My Room (10)
That’s a custom printed Rosario X Vampire poster that I downloaded.

The hobby never stopped and I continued collecting figures and saving $$$ at the same time. I know when to buy and when not to buy. After roughly a year and a half, at age 22-23ish, I finally managed to build a small house for me and my fiance. It is also where my new office/workplace is located (and yes! it’s much bigger than the old one!). I also managed to get my very own car in the process. The images below are taken around February-March 2012. I also have a separate post about it here and here.

Evolution Of My Room (9)
Evolution Of My Room
Evolution Of My Room (8)
Evolution Of My Room
Evolution Of My Room (7)
Evolution Of My Room
Evolution Of My Room (6)
Evolution Of My Room
Evolution Of My Room (5)
Evolution Of My Room
Evolution Of My Room (4)
Evolution Of My Room
Evolution Of My Room (3)
Evolution Of My Room
Evolution Of My Room (2)
Evolution Of My Room

Like what I’ve said, I still don’t consider myself as a successful person. But it just shows that with HARD WORK and with the support of people around you (family and friends), you can improve your lives and you can make anything possible. Don’t compete with others, focus on what you want, and just do it. If you fail, it just means that you’re moving forward and you’re doing a great job.

My room evolves every time I achieved something both in personal life or in my career and I’ll continue taking pictures of my room to remind me of where I came from and how well I’m doing in life.

Do you also take pictures of your room even before you started figure collecting? And what made you start this awesome hobby?


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