My preordered Hot Toys Loki and Agent Phil 1/6th scale figures arrived last week here at my office. Super excited with these figures because I had to basically wait for roughly 1 month for them to arrive. Figure releases are usually late here in the Philippines, It’s like we’re always 1-2 months late depending on the supplier of our respective hobby providers. Anyways, I unboxed them and was really impressed by the high quality work Hot Toys pour into their figures, specially Loki, that figure is just amazing.

The only issue I have with Hot Toys is when it comes to their instruction guides (lol). Most of the time, I accidentally break certain parts of the figure. Or maybe I just really suck at following instructions =)) Will post some review pics once I have the time ;)

Agent Phil and Loki Get! (1)
The boxes looks great together.
Agent Phil and Loki Get! (2)
Only 2 more left. The Hulk and Iron Man Mark VII.
Agent Phil and Loki Get! (3)
Agent Phil and Loki Get!