OtakuPro V3

A custom theme framework for Wordpress designed for otaku bloggers.

OtakuPro is a custom theme framework for WordPress designed and developed by Nico Cardenas who works as a Designer / Graphic Artist. The main concept behind OtakuPro's development was to create an effective design and layout structure that will cater to mostly Otaku bloggers. OtakuPro is currently in its V3 BETA state and improvements / fixes are being applied regularly.

Fully Responsive

The 3rd iteration of the OtakuPro Theme Framework is now fully responsive. It means the design and layout will automatically adjust based on the user's device. Whether they're browsing on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or even on a mobile phone - OtakuPro will gracefully readjust the layout and optimize your content for these devices.

Mobile First

OtakuPro V3 was developed using the "mobile first" concept. It's designed and optimized initially for mobile devices then it automatically adds additional site features as device screen resolution gets larger. This ensures that your content looks great and works great on every mobile device available today.

Powered by HAML/HTML5

OtakuPro V3 was built using the HAML markup language. This improves markup structure and optimizes markup readability. It also fully supports all of HTML5's newest features making OtakuPro V3 up to date with the latest web technologies today.

Built using SASS

OtakuPro V3's presentation layer was built using the popular CSS preprocessor called "SASS". This makes OtakuPro's entire stylesheet system organized and easily updatable. It also uses a lot of CSS3's new features and makes sure it works perfectly on every browser.

Minimal with Style

OtakuPro's minimal and straightforward presentation means a good user experience for your readers. It doesn't have all the unnecessary bells and whistles. It's design independent and doesn't rely on any presentational plugins. All functionality are built right in.

Designed for Otakus

Designed and developed by Nico Cardenas (who's also a part time Otaku), OtakuPro's main goal was to deliver your content in a fun and more engaging way. Keeping your readers engaged is one of the key targets of OtakuPro.

Theme Specific Features

Custom Fields

OtakuPro has a built in set of custom fields designed for figure blogging. Fields like "Character Name", "Release Date", "Price", "Manufacturer", and other useful information about the figure are all included out of the box. Of course, these fields are all optional and can be left blank when creating your posts.

Responsive Videos

Video embeds in OtakuPro V3 are fully responsive as well. The video players from YouTube and Vimeo will dynamically resize itself based on the available space on a specific page. This feature increases the overall usability of the site specially for mobile users. You can check this feature in action here by resizing your browser.

Buy Meter

This feature was designed specifically for figure bloggers which instantly tells your readers your own personal opinion about the figure being previewed. You can set this up when creating your posts in Wordpress admin and is completely optional.

Threaded Comments

Not really a game changer but the support for threaded comments has been requested since OtakuPro V2 days. OtakuPro V3 now fully supports threaded comments out of the box which you can adjust in Wordpress admin area. What's great is it's fully responsive too!

2 Responsive Layouts

OtakuPro V3 comes bundled with 2 responsive post layouts that you can set when creating your posts in Wordpress admin area. The "normal" layout uses 2 columns for your content while the "full width" layout uses the whole width of the page.

Icon Fonts

OtakuPro V3 utilizes the speed and infinite scalability of icon fonts through the use of Twitter's Font Awesome icon library. It is wired by default in the framework so you can use it instantly anywhere in the theme.

OtakuPro V3 is still in BETA

OtakuPro V3 is still in it's earlier stages of development so there's still no definite timeline on its scheduled release date. Fixes and tweaks are also being applied on a regular basis to make OtakuPro V3 one of the best FREE theme frameworks out there. New features will be posted once they're available so please do keep on checking this page for updates.

OtakuPro V1 and V2

For folks who want to try out some of the earlier version of OtakuPro, you can check out V1 in this page. For V2, stay tuned for my announcement as I'm preparing it for public use. You can check out my post about V2 in this page (bottom part).

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